2009 Chateau Florie Aude, Bordeaux

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Traditionally, I’ve always been intimidated by French Wines. As part of my “WSJ wine” subscription,  I received a very bold 2009 Bordeaux. It is a Merlot-Cab blend, and I consider it to be a little complex. I tasted the wine before decanting, and wow!!! It was powerful! After decanting for 1 hour, it was excellent. The color was dark and heavy, and aroma was full of spice, and the taste was oaky.  It was truly a full bodied wine. My wife prepared lamb shoulder

blade chops that were massaged with garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sautéed medium. This was accompinied by risotto and squash.

The distinct flavor of the lamb, and the full bodied wine worked in perfect harmony.

I definitely this wine, with a hearty meaty dish, not alone!!